The photograph below is of Korea's "Cube" three-story reef exhibit. The curator selected LRS foods as the preferred diet for what will be over 1 million dollars worth of exotic marine animals. They have received their first LRS shipment and are very pleased.  A video feeding LRS to $60,000 angels acclimating at the Cube is on our Testimonial page.

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Magazine ad for LRS food in the Summer 2015 "Korean Aqua Report"

Reef Frenzy® is sold in 500+ retail stores in the US and exported to Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong!

Summer 2017 Update: We are accepting limited applications to become an LRS retailer. To apply visit:

LRS Foods Purchasing Information

At LRS Foods we are committed to supporting the independent retail stores which have been instrumental to our success. Brick-and-mortar fish stores have helped spread the word about our foods over the past 5 years and we have formed great partnerships with our stocking dealers.

If you cannot locate a dealer in your area who stocks our foods please email me and I will reach out to the store of your choice and introduce them to our foods.

Our shop is located near a foam cooler and dry ice distributor so we offer the lowest shipping costs of any frozen food maker. Your food will arrive 100% frozen solid to preserve the integrity of the product OR IT IS FREE!!

If you have any questions about ordering, please contact Larry directly. or call 844-577-3663

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Advance, NC 27006, USA

LRS touched down in Singapore and Indonesia in May 2016!

Did you know that elite hobbyists around the world spend hundreds of dollars on shipping costs and tariffs to import LRS foods into countries such Beirut and Korea?

This photo (of our original package label) is from a discriminating hobbyist in Lebanon, Beirut. Click the photo to see his Moorish Idol with a 10" long streamer which is thriving on Reef Frenzy®!