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Meet The family behind LRS Frenzy foods

We treat our fans more like family than customers!

Larry and Veronica DuPont, the owners of LRS Foods, reside on their farm in central North Carolina immersed in animal husbandry. Being true hobbyists at heart their home contains over 600 gallons of marine aquariums. Larry was previously employed as a police officer for a decade, and originally operated "Larry's Reef Services" (LRS) to perform part-time aquarium maintenance with hopes to raise extra cash to fund his SW hobby "addiction."

Not being satisfied with the choices of available aquarium foods, Larry began to source fresh Carolina seafood to create small batches of foods for himself, local reefers, and two fish stores in North Carolina. Word soon spread about the freshness, quality, and feeding response generated by his foods, so Larry sought how to register Reef Frenzy® as a legal and licensed pet food product. Over the next year the blends were analyzed, reviewed, and perfected with the help of experts in the hobby. No expense was spared when it came to research and development to get the foods tweaked to perfection. Soon the foods began shipping into neighboring states and gained accolades from veterans in the hobby as well as aquaculture facilities. LRS created a frozen food with a freshness and cleanliness the hobby had never seen before. Borrowing from a decade of research in aquaculture LRS was the first frozen food maker to introduce probiotic bacteria as an additive to a marine diet.

By February of 2013 the demand for the "Frenzy" was too great, forcing Larry to retire from police work to produce his foods full time. Within a few months the volume of orders exploded so Veronica left her career in the medical field to join him. The true "family business" was formed! 

Together, with the assistance of their two children and four employees they are able to prepare, pack and ship thousands of packages of Frenzy foods each month.  LRS strives to produce superior products, while offering unmatched customer service which only a dedicated family owned business can provide.

LRS received worldwide attention at MACNA 2014 when it was announced that LRS blends were the preferred diet for the groundbreaking G. personatus breeding project in Hawaii.

​Those fish sold at a $20,000 retail price and LRS was named as the sponsor of the project and our foods were given huge praise.

Click the link to learn more!: G. personatus Project Article

​Throughout 2014 and 2015 Larry traveled across the country visiting public aquariums and aquaculture facilities to learn more about optimal fish nutrition. Along the way he enjoyed giving talks to local clubs about nutrition, probiotics, and the benefits of quality foods. 

All of this research culminated with the release of the "LRS Fertility Frenzy" broodstock conditioning diet in October 2015. 

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We thank all of our fans who continue to help our company grow as we continue to expand around the globe.

​*LRS Food blends are licensed and registered with the NC Department of Agriculture and Commerce, as well as other respective states. LRS Foods, LLC is a fully insured pet food manufacturer, whose product names are registered US Trademarks.​​*