In January 2015 LRS added fresh blackworms and marine fish eggs to our Fish Frenzy® blend. We locally source and process our marine fish eggs in house and never use dyed fish eggs like those found in Asian markets. Not only do these eggs entice finicky eaters to feed, but the added DHA fats are great for nutrition and breeding. Check out our fish eggs here: FISH EGGS

PE Mysis® and pacific plankton are enriched with 100% natural betacarotene for increased pigmentation, immunity and fertility. LRS is the only frozen food manufacturer permitted to use genuine PE Mysis® shrimp in their foods.

Fresh, scallops are sourced locally BEFORE any Sodium-Triphosphate preservative rinses are added.

Fresh wild caught ocean perch and premium oysters go into every batch!

We process over a thousand pounds of wild caught shrimp each month!!

Fresh shucked clams and their juices create an incredible feeding response!

Our shrimp are always peeled to discard the shells which would pollute your tank if left uneaten. Common reef aquarium fish do not eat the shrimp shells. Try this test..go to the grocery store and buy a single shrimp like those pictured above. Chop it up as fine as you can and drop a teaspoon in your tank and watch if the fish eat the shells. The majority of the time they will not and the shells add unnecessary waste to your aquarium system. It takes TIME and MONEY to peel the shrimp which is why no other manufacturer except LRS does it!


 Ever wonder how LRS could enter the overcrowded frozen food market and have our products explode in popularity to be sold in 500+ stores and exported to countries around the globe?

The answer is simple... No other food manufacturer sources expensive, human-grade ingredients and tediously prepares them the way the staff at LRS Foods does. The photos below speak for themselves about the freshness and pure ingredients used in all our blends!

Not only is LRS a national distributor for PE Mysis®, but we are the only "specialty blend" frozen food maker permitted to use this superior ingredient in our recipe. There is a reason more public aquaria and aquaculture facilities use this brand of mysis than any other. The patented harvesting process guarantees the essential nutrients stay INSIDE the exoskeleton of the shrimp so your fish ingest the beneficial fats and phytoplankton. We process tons of PE Mysis® each year and we store it at nearly -30 degrees in our giant freezer to maintain the integrity of the product.

When it comes to shipping frozen foods effectively LRS excels where others often fail. By using ample dry ice and 1.5" thick walled coolers your food will arrive frozen. LRS is a TSA HazMat approved shipper and we ship worldwide via Fed Ex and DHL Express.

challenge you to find a photo of fish food looking this fresh on any other company's website. This is our CHUNKY blend right before packaging and freezing. 

Preparing and shipping frozen food is all we do and we take our job very seriously!

LRS Foods does not skimp when it comes to our ingredients or the equipment used to process, package, store and ship our foods. By using "fast freeze" fan driven commercial freezers our foods are frozen rapidly to minimize protein denaturation and the physical damage caused by ice crystals forming within the food. The care and attention to detail during production and the handling to your door step is what makes LRS Foods superior to any other complete food product on the market.


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