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Advance, NC 27006, USA

Just "STICK IT" the next time you feed your fish LRS!

LRS Fish Frenzy® gets a new ingredient which fish LOVE!

LRS has made it all the way to Lebanon, Beirut to feed Raed's FOWLR aquarium. Look at the 10" long streamer on the Moorish Idol!

An interview with Larry about the G. personatus project at MACNA 2014

One of the most awesome collections of butterflyfish in the country is owned by Peter Martis. He feeds LRS to his fish!

LRS "Frenzy Foods" are well known on social media and web forums for their amazing ability to get finicky fish eating faster. The fresh seafood ingredients and additions such as blackworms, polychaete worms, and fish eggs work great!

LRS even got mentioned on an episode of Bulk Reef Supply TV as the preferred food of Aquarium Artisans!

LRS foods were sourced to improve the health and vibrance of the fish in this 16,000 gallon system. Since the fish health improved after switching to LRS we now supply our foods to all the Scheels stores in the US. Larry is personally doing the very first LRS feeding in the video below!

Mark Callahan from Mr. Saltwater Tank TV filmed a "behind-the-scenes" look at LRS which shows the transparency of our process and ingredients. You don't want to miss this video!

Koji Wada feeding Reef Frenzy® to a Gem Tang and Narcosis Angel in Japan.

Want to learn about the LRS story in three minutes? Watch this video featuring our rock song and photo slideshow!