When "Reef On" in Utah was seeking the highest quality food to improve the health of the fish in this 16,000 system they sourced LRS foods. In just two months after this underwater feeding video was filmed the tangs weight began to increase, HLLE was halted and pigmentation improved.


Advance, NC 27006, USA

A writer for Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine recently used Herbivore Frenzy® to save a parasite infested Achillies Tang and described the experience HERE

 "Favored by hobbyists, endorsed by professionals!"

All LRS Foods blends are loaded with the finest ingredients and contain minimal water, as this photo taken during packaging demonstrates.

Click the photo to see more photos of our raw ingredients.

 don't Your tangs deserve to be spoiled?

This blend is rapidly becoming as popular as Reef Frenzy® since users report it helps get tangs eating faster, and acclimating easier in the home aquarium. How can they resist the seafood flavored seaweed which is folded into the mix?

LRS Herbivore Frenzy® ingredients:

Fresh Wild Caught Scallop

Fresh Wild Caught, Hand Peeled Shrimp

Fresh, Wild Caught Perch and Whitefish 

Premium Piscine Energetics Mysis Shrimp


Euphausia pacifica krill

Fresh Shucked Oysters and Clams

Green and Purple Seaweed (Porphyra)

Blanched Broccoli Flowers (Rich in Vitamins A&D)

Sea Lettuce (Ulva)

Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Buffered Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C to delay oxidation)

D. salina micro-algae (Beta carotene for increased pigmentation)

LRS Probiotic Blend (Click HERE to learn more)

All of the FRESH ingredients listed are free from any preservative rinses and sourced at the Carolina coast.

If you are tired of fumbling with that seaweed clip, chances are you would benefit from picking up a pack of Herbivore Frenzy®.