Your corals will reward you with insane polyp extension!

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Watch this video and see for yourself how clean the food is when it hits the water and how the fish chase down every morsel!

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the original blend which put us on the map!

Reef Frenzy® has all the nutrients needed to feed your entire reef aquarium in one 8 ounce package. There are other blended foods on the market but NONE of them compare to Reef Frenzy® when it comes to freshness, cleanliness, purity of ingredients, and feeding response. 

LRS Reef Frenzy® ingredients:

Fresh Wild Caught Scallop

Fresh Wild Caught, Hand Peeled Shrimp

Fresh Wild Caught Ocean Perch and Whitefish

Premium Piscine Energetics Mysis Shrimp


Euphausia pacifica krill

Fresh Shucked Oysters and Clams

Zooplankton and Rotifers

Seaweed (Porphyra)

Blanched Broccoli Flowers (Rich in Vit A&D)

Oyster Eggs and Ovarian Tissue

Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Buffered ascorbic acid added as an antioxidant

D. salina algae (Beta carotene to boost pigmentation, immunity)

LRS Probiotics (Learn about them HERE)

All of the fresh ingredients listed are free from any phosphate rinses and sourced at the Carolina Coast.

Marine Biologists, aquaculture labs, experts in the hobby, and hobbyists all over web forums and Facebook are describing Reef Frenzy as:

"The freshest, cleanest and BEST reef aquarium food I've ever used."

The superior Fatty Acid profile of our foods clearly demonstrate why breeders and so many others report increased health, vigor and color of their livestock.

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 "Favored by hobbyists, endorsed by professionals!"